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All across Europe, members of our are standing up to take action by participating in and organising events and activities. Some have had their say on the future of Europe, and others have learnt new skills. Through their experiences they have made an impact, and their experiences have impacted them. Discover their stories.


Natascia's commitment to spread the word about the European institutions and their work

I have been part of the network since I joined the #ThisTimeIamVoting campaign. 

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Getting the European Union closer to the regions!

Being part of means being part of a community that has a purpose. Since I joined in 2020, I have had the opportunity to organise various meetings and to bring the European Union closer to the Basque Country (and vice versa!). The best thing about it is definitely meeting people from other European cities who share the same concerns as you. will be essential for the European Year of Youth!

I found out about via social media. The way they communicated about Europe really appealed to me and I signed up to be part of the community as soon as I found out about it.

Queres saber como é fazer parte dos é uma comunidade pan-europeia que encoraja a participação de todos na democracia. Participam no processo político ou promovem a importância de votar – unidos, para que a União Europeia seja um lugar de democracia.

Friendship, meetings and getting involved: this is for Anton

I decided to participate in because it shapes new citizens who grow up participating in institutional life as a community, rather than in a top-down manner – a community where the notion of representation is linked to participation and commitment and not confused with direct democracy.